Objective: Students will be able to learn how to work in a microbiological lab, learn sterilization techniques and work aseptically and in clean conditions to avoid contamination. Learn how to deal with microorganisms of different types in the lab. Get basic knowledge of microbiological diagnostics and identification through cultivation of different bacteria on different culture media, biochemical techniques, use different staining methods and finally the use of recent techniques and instrumentations in modern microbiological labs for diagnostics like vitek and others. Have an idea about development of resistance and the use of antibiotics for treatment of infectious diseases. Get an idea about medical microbiology and the importance of bacteria as causative agents of infections.


Syllabus: The students will learn general orientation and safety in microbiology lab. The theoretical background of each experiment, methods and techniques used to sterilization. Microscopic techniques and microscopic research methods. Cultural research methods: including media preparation; bacterial culturing, isolation & purification. Cultural, biological and biochemical research methods. Chemo-resistance testing: agar diffusion test, MIC and E-Test. wound infection testing. Respiratory tract infection testing. Central Nervous System testing. Urinary tract infection testing. Genital infections and gastrointestinal tract infections. Bacteria, fungal and parasites.

Lab Room: 
M-306 & M-307
Lab Supervisor: