Dear students,

Welcome to the dual study track in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering. Dual Studies is a global educational concept that aims to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical implementation through close collaboration with industrial partners. This program includes intensive practical phases (12 weeks) during the summer period carried out in a company closely related to academic teaching.

Through partnerships with major global and local companies in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, students can work in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biochemical, chemicals, refineries, petrochemicals, oil and gas, environment, water and wastewater treatment, fertilizers, phosphates, potash, food, paints, polymers and plastics, paper, cement. In addition, the student can practice different roles such as in operations, manufacturing, process design, total quality management (GMP, validation, quality assurance, quality control), safety, research and development, sales, marketing, and project management.

The duration of the training is three months per year over a period of three years, during which the student acquires technical experience in addition to personal skills. Then in the fourth year, the student completes the training in Germany after which become ready to enter the labor market. It worth mentioning that the theoretical part presents the best learning methods in two different fields of pharmaceutical and chemical engineering.

We invite you to join this unique program and gain the skills and experience needed for the labor market.

How is the Dual Study Track in pharmaceutical chemical engineering structured?

The dual studies track will start in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering in the academic year 2022-2023. Students will take their first and second semester courses regularly at GJU and then spend their summer period in the facilities of partner companies. Regarding the study plan for this track, students will follow a per-determined course plan approved by the Department of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering. Furthermore, the confirmed study plan for the Dual Studies track has the same courses as the regular track, but with a different time frame that tends to be more restrictive.

Study plan

PCE DS partner companies for Summer 2022:

RAM Pharmaceuticals

Petra drug Store

Hikma pharmaceuticals


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Eng. Ayat Fayez Abu Daeij

The School of Applied Medical Sciences (SAMS) 

Main Campus (Madaba), Building M


Ext. 4415