Year Faculty Publications
2023 Zayed Al-Hamamre, Arwa Sandouqa, Basel Al-Saida, Reyad A. Shawabkeh, Mohammad Alnaief,,"Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using heterogeneous KNO3/Oil shale ash catalyst",Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using heterogeneous KNO3/Oil shale ash catalyst, Renewable Energy, 211, 2023, 470-483,,2023 [View]
2022 Samer Al-Gharabli, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Wojciech Kujawski, Zuzanna Flancc, Katarzyna Pianka, Waldemar Jankowski, Joanna Kujawa,"Toward anti-fouling properties and enhanced performance in separation process - carbon nanotubes - PVDF hybrids",Applied Surface Science 602, 154341 (Elsevier),2022 [View]
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2021 S.Al Gharabli*, J. Kujawa,"Molecular activation of fluoropolymer membranes via base piranha treatment to enhance transport and mitigate fouling – new materials for water purification",Journal of Membrane Science (ELSEVIER),Volume 624, 15 April 2021, 119105,2021 [View]
2021 S. Al-Gharabli*, B. Al-Omari, W. Kujawski, J. Kujawa,"How Can the Desert Beetle and Biowaste Inspire Hybrid Separation Materials for Water Desalination?",ACS Applies Materials and Interfaces (National Library Of Medicine),2021 Mar 10;13(9):11268-11283,2021 [View]
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2021 J. Kujawa, M. Zięba, Wojciech, S. Al-Gharabli, W. Kujawski, A. Terzyk,"Carbon nanohorn improved durable PVDF membranes - The future of membrane distillation and desalination",Desalination (ELSEVIER),Volume 511, 1 September 2021, 115117,2021 [View]
2021 T. A. Al Hujran, M. K. Magharbeh,S. Al-Gharabli, R. R. Haddadin, M. N. Al Soub, H.M. Tawfeek,"Studying the Complex Formation of Sulfonatocalix[4]naphthalene and Meloxicam towards Enhancing Its Solubility and Dissolution Performance",Pharmaceutics,Pharmaceutics . 2021 Jun 30;13(7):994,2021 [View]
2021 J. Kujawa, M. Głodek, G. Li, S. Al-Gharabli, K. Knozowska, W. Kujawski,"Highly effective enzymes immobilization on ceramics: Requirements for supports and enzymes",Science of The Total Environment (Elsevier),Volume 801, 20 December 2021, 149647,2021 [View]
2021 Hala I Al-Daghistani, Tonni Kurniawan, Alexander D.Rabadi, Wenchao Xue, Ram Avtar, Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman, Saeed Shirazian, Dr. Balsam Mohammad ,"Characterization and applications of Thermomonas hydrothermalis isolated from Jordan's hot springs for biotechnological and medical purposes",Process Biochemistry (Elsevier),Volume 104, May 2021, Pages 171-181,2021 [View]
2021 Prof. Dr. Samer Al-Gharabli , Dr. Ziad Abu El-Rub , Dr. Eyad Hamad, Khaffaf, Aseel , Yasin, Omar, Wael Al-Kouz, Ali Chamkha,"Review of Nanofluids and Their Biomedical Application",American Scientific Publishers (Journal of Nanofluids),Volume 10, Number 4, December 2021, pp. 463-477(15),2021 [View]
2021 Samer Al-Gharabli, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Wojciech Kujawski, Zuzanna Flanc, Katarzyna Pianka, Joanna Kujawa,"Surfaces with Adjustable Features—Effective and Durable Materials for Water Desalination",International Journal of Molecular Sciences (MDPI),Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(21), 11743,2021 [View]
2021 Mohammad F. Khanfar, Taleen S. Kopti, Natalie O. Gharaibeh, Ziad Abu El-Rub,"Differential pulse voltammetry as an alternative method for tracking Hydrochlorothiazide electrolytic degradation",Jordanian Journal of Engineering and Chemical Industries (Al-Balqa Applied University),4 (3), 70-77,2021 [View]
2021 Muhammad Tawalbeh, Amani Al-Othman, Tareq Salamaha, Malek Alkasrawi, Remston Martis, Ziad Abu El-Rub,"A critical review on metal-based catalysts used in the pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass materials",Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier),299, 113597,2021 [View]
2021 Nafisah M. Al-Rifai, Mohammad S. Mubarak,"α-Substituted Chalcones: A Key Review",ChemistrySelect (Wiley),6(46), 13224-13252,2021 [View]