The Nanolab @ GJU aims to investigate and develop novel micro and nanodevices - such as sensors and printed electronics - for a wide variety of applications, ranging from energy conservation to biomedical devices. Research at the Nanolab is multidisciplinary, involving faculty from several different departments. The Nanolab recruits young scientists, both recent graduates, and undergraduates, and helps them develop their skills.

Through collaborations with other institutes, both in Jordan and abroad, Nanolab strives to produce research and products that will make an impact and improve people’s quality of life.


Research projects:

  • COVID-19 test using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

  • Severe Illness Detection for Home-Quarantined COVID-19 Patients Using Wearable Sensors and IoT Technology

  • Development and Fabrication of Low-Cost, High-Tech Stretchable and Wearable CardiacSensor For Low-Resources Settings

  • Fabrication of Wearable Sensors Using Screen Printing for Monitoring of Physiological Parameters

  • Development of Novel Dual-Motor Spinning System for Microfluidic Compact Discs - Towards GJU Spin-off Company

  • Inkjet-printed Respiratory Rate Wearable Sensors for infants: Towards Remote Monitoring Solutions for Low-setting Villages and Refugee Camps

  • Inertial focusing for continuous nanoparticles separation in femtosecond laser 3D micromachined curved channels

  • Fabrication and Characterization of Autonomous Microrobots for Cancer Detection and Treatment

  • Utilization of Lab on a Chip Technology for the Colorimetric Determination of Chemical Compounds

  • Improving Thermal Efficiency of Industrial Plants via Conversion of Waste Heat to Electricity in collaboration with the University of Jordan

  • Development of Novel Microfluidic-based Platforms for CTCs Isolation from Whole Blood

  • The Design and Development of Wearable Stretchable Pulse Oximeter Biosensors Using a Novel Printing Technology of Conducting Nanoparticles for Physiological Monitoring 

Latest Publications
  1. Al-Halhouli, A.; Al-Ghussain, L.; El Bouri, S.; Habash, F.; Liu, H.; Zheng, D. Clinical Evaluation of Stretchable and Wearable Inkjet-Printed Strain Gauge Sensor for Respiratory Rate Monitoring at Different Body Postures. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 480.
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  4. Al-Halhouli, A., Al-Ghussain, L., El Bouri, S. et al. Clinical evaluation of stretchable and wearable inkjet-printed strain gauge sensor for respiratory rate monitoring at different measurement locations. J Clin Monit Comput (2020).
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  1. Abu-Khalaf J.M., Al-Ghussain L., Al-Halhouli A. Fabrication of Stretchable Circuits on Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Pre-Stretched Substrates by Inkjet Printing Silver Nanoparticles. Materials 2018, 11, 2377.
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Nanolab Team


  • Prof. Ala'aldeen Al-Halhouli
President of the German Jordanian University, in Amman, Jordan. 


  • Dr. Mohammad Khanfar
Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical & Chemical Engineering Department
School of Applied Medical Sciences, German Jordanian University, Jordan
  • Dr. Jumana Abu-Khalaf
Assistant Professor
Mechatronics Engineering Department School of Applied Technical Sciences, German Jordanian University, Jordan
  • Dr. Eyad Hamad
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering Department
School of Applied Medical Sciences, German Jordanian University, Jordan













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