As the Dean of Scientific Research, I am honored to address the academic community, researchers, and stakeholders in our pursuit of knowledge and innovation. At the German Jordanian University (GJU), we are committed to fostering a culture of scientific exploration, discovery, and collaboration.

Research forms the bedrock of the knowledge accumulated by humanity on its collective journey. It stands as a pivotal pillar in academia, alongside learning and service. Within academia, genuine research and the production of high-quality publications serve as the means through which scholars achieve their aspirations, showcasing their innovation and creativity. A central mission of the GJU is to foster a supportive research culture and create an environment that encourages the pursuit of excellent research among both faculty members and students.

The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) plays a vital role in bolstering research endeavors at GJU. It actively promotes increased participation in research and the enhancement of the quality and quantity of academic publications among both faculty members and students. This is accomplished through the provision of financial support for research projects, facilitating their engagement in international conferences, and offering incentives for the publication of high-quality articles in scholarly journals.

The DSR is committed to continuing its support for research at GJU, within Jordan, and on the global stage. It remains open to collaborating on initiatives that involve GJU faculty members in both national and international research projects. To this end, DSR places its trust in the submission of outstanding research proposals for both internal and external funding and the unwavering dedication of ambitious and motivated faculty members across the various schools of GJU.


Dean of Scientific Research 

Prof. Rami Alazrai