Amman- 28 November 2018

At the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) an information session about best practices on Dual Studies at GJU and in Germany took place on the 26th of November 2018. Invited and organized by the Dual Studies Advisors of the Office for Industrial Links at GJU and the ACI, a deeply involved group of company representatives and GJU academic staff joined the impressing presentation and discussion ran by the German expert Prof. Dr. Edda Pulst.

Since the Dual Study track in Logistics at GJU has been officially kicked-off by the President of the University Prof. Manar Fayyad last month, a growing number of company representatives and GJU Professors care about the quality of a powerful and sustainable implementation process. Therefore, Prof. Edda Pulst - who also runs the successful adapt2job-2win training at GJU - gave an overview and detailed information about the challenges and opportunities for companies in Germany, which are cooperating with universities in such Dual Study Programs and about her personal experiences within such programs as well.

After a kind welcome by Britta Kaehler, the Director of the Office for Industrial Links at GJU, Eng. Fadel Labadi (Manager of Industrial Development Department/ACI) and Dr. Wolfgang Frohberg (MOVE-HET/GIZ), Ms. Simone Strasburger shared the status quo of the development and implementation process of Dual Studies at GJU with the audience. `Where are we now?´ and `Next steps!´ have been the headlines of her short presentation.

This was a direct link to the explanations provided by Prof. Dr. Edda Pulst: `It’s always 2! ´, she emphasized the importance of a professional guidance of students while they are in the companies. Showing best practice examples from companies like Henkel, SMS Group, Ferrostaal and DHL, she emphasised on the fact that there must be responsible and trained contact persons within the companies who care about the needs of the students and who monitor and support the students’ integration into the company and the work processes as well. And `It’s always 2!´ also means professional in-company trainers who are able to teach the students the skills required at specific workplaces. And `It’s always 2!´ as well describes the huge impact when company experts and university professors run courses and lectures together (team teaching).

An in-depth conversation between Prof. Dr. Edda Pulst and the company representatives on basis of business-driven issues on the one side and academic quality standards on the other side finalized the session. All participants mentioned their satisfaction with the inspiring exchange of ideas.

On that basis the Dual Studies Office will start to provide modularized in-company instructor trainings for partner companies starting spring 2019.

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