Since its establishment in September 2011, CSNACH has worked on involving and integrating GJU into research and outreach projects that would help protect Jordan’s heritage and ensure its sustainability. If you browse through our website, you will learn about some of these projects. They include MEDSCAPES project, which was implemented to help in better land use planning in the Eastern Mediterranean region. They also include the ongoing ancient terrace project, which will help us better understand how people harvested water, protected soil, prevented flooding and sustained dryland agriculture in the past. Another featured project is the Phosphate Museum project, which aims to restore the buildings of the old phosphate mine at Russeifa, providing an educational resource on phosphate for Jordanians, as well as economic opportunities and civic pride for the people of the area. Also, you may be interested in the Wadi Rum project, which is a multifaceted effort to help engage the park and the local people in various activities.

In addition, various lectures and other events have been organized through the center to increase awareness for students and other interested people. CSNACH is proud to have won the second place in the 2015 El Hassan Award for Scientific Excellence.