Computer Science (CS) is centered on the study of information, its storage, management and handling.

Such activities comprise the backbone for a knowledge-based economy governing the lifestyles of today’s information and knowledge society. Information can be represented as text, audio, video, images, graphics and animations (Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Image Processing, Multimedia, etc.). Often, information is modeled and then stored in Database Systems to be easily accessed. Using methods of Data Mining, new forms of knowledge can be extracted from existing bits and pieces of information. Intelligent behavior can be simulated using methods of Artificial Intelligence. Computer programs that draw on different Algorithms to transform information are implemented using different Programming Languages (C, Java, C#, etc.). Distributed Systems, Networking and Security deal with questions related to data transfer between different applications and computers. Complexity and Computability discuss efficiency and limitations of computation. Software Engineering defines professional approaches to develop high-quality software solutions. As these often interact with humans, Human Computer Interaction and Graphical User Interfaces play an important role in the software development process.

Computer science deals with these issues and other aspects related to computing, and often involves diversely spread fields like, e.g., Business Informatics, Bioinformatics, etc.

The Department of Computer Science at GJU offers an attractive and powerful Bachelor Program the successful completion of which often opens doors to rewarding professional careers, graduate studies, and lifelong learning.

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