Partner universities 

GJU possesses a network of partner Universities for each study program. Click on the image below to find them. 

Get familiar with your partner university in Germany. Check with your Exchange Coordinator at your School/Department the courses offered in Germany and select your top 5-10 German partner universities. 

You are not allowed to contact them by yourself. The application process will start with the IAD. 

 The exchange coordinator at your Department in collaboration with the IAD will help you choose the best host university for you and will assist you during the process.  

After a decision has been made and your name has been sent to the host university you will be going to; the International Affairs department will contact you and provide you with the necessary information about the next steps. 

Note: You should not contact the host universities on your own. The GJU International Affairs department is here to facilitate the process for each and every student.  

Further information about studying in Germany can be found here "Study In Germany3". 


Application process and coordinator   


yesPlease see here who is your responsible outgoing coordinator at the International Affairs department .   






Visa formalities  

 The IAD will send you all the necessary information on the needed documents and visa appointments via email. 

It takes between one and two months to issue your visa after you hand in the documents. 


Finances in Germany 

Living expenses differ from city to city in Germany; it depends on both size and location of the city. Nevertheless, and according to official German statistics, living expenses for a student varies between 700 and 1000 Euros monthly in Germany. Please see out city survival guides for some details.  

Note: Your host university is eligible to ask you for an extra fee of 250-600 Euros in addition to the registration fee of about 100-300 Euros per semester. 


For further details regarding this topic, check the following websites: 


  1. Studieren.de5

Blocked Account with Fintiba  

The majority of GJU students traveling to Germany are required to open a blocked account to receive a student visa for Germany. Certain exceptions exist, please see our FAQ. The blocked account serves as an official assurance of financial ability during your German Year. The German Government requires a monthly amount of 931 EUR, summing up to 11,172 EUR for an entire year. Additionally, a transfer fee of 100 EUR and a service fee of 89 EUR will also be transferred (the transfer fee is credited to your account). 

For a small fee, Fintiba facilitates the creation and management of this blocked account, in addition to health insurance and travel insurance services. The GJU is not directly affiliated with Fintiba, but their service has been proven to be reliable and fulfils all requirements, therefore we recommend to using their service. 

To complete the detailed instructions on opening a blocked account, please see here6.  

In addition, we provide the following instructions video and presentation.  

In urgent cases regarding your Fintiba account, please contact or call the hotline: +4969204342620. 




  • Travel Health Insurance 

All students should acquire travel health insurance from Jordan prior to their departure! The insurance should cover the first three months in Germany. 

Members of the Fintiba Plus package will have free travel insurance set up with their blocked account. 

Alternatively, A list of insurance companies in Jordan, which offer these services, is available here7. 


  • German Health Insurance (DAK) 

Every student at a German university must have governmental health insurance. The student can do the insurance through Fintiba (DAK). The Insurance fees are around 110 Euro per month. 

  • Liability Insurance („Haftpflichtversicherung“) 

Liability insurance is not yet mandatory for GJU students, however, we strongly advise you to get such insurance right after your arrival in Germany. It will protect you against costs caused by accidental incidents.   

Fees for liability insurance are about 100 EURO per year.  

enlightenedPlease also see our FAQs. 8 


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