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Educational Background

Chemical Engineering
Research Interests

Selected Publications

2012 García-González ,CA, Camino-Rey, MC, Alnaief, M, Zetzl, C, & Smirnova, I,"Supercritical drying of aerogels using CO 2: Effect of extraction time on the end material textural properties",Journal of Supercritical Fluids,66:297-306,2012
2012 García-González, CA, Uy,JJ, Alnaief, M, & Smirnova, I,"Preparation of tailor-made starch-based aerogel microspheres by the emulsion-gelation method",Carbohydrate Polymers,88(4):1378-1386,2012
2012 Hentzschel, CM, Alnaief, M, Smirnova, I, Sakmann, A, & Leopold, CS,"Enhancement of griseofulvin release from liquisolid compacts",European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics,80(1):130-135,2012
2012 Hentzschel, CM, Alnaief, M," Tableting properties of silica aerogel and other silicates",Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy,38(4):462-467,2012
2012 Wörmeyer, K , Alnaief, M, & Smirnova, I,"Amino functionalised Silica-Aerogels for CO2-adsorption at low partial pressure",Adsorption,18(3-4):163-171,2012
2011 Alnaief, M , & Smirnova, I,"Insitu production of spherical aerogel microparticles",The Journal of Supercritical Fluids,55(3):1118-1123,2011
2011 Alnaief, M,"Process Development for Production of Aerogels with Controlled Morphology as Potential Drug Carrier Systems",Hamburg: Hamburg University of Technology,2011
2011 Alnaief, M, Alzaitoun, MA, García-González, CA, & Smirnova, I,"Preparation of biodegradable nanoporous microspherical aerogel based on alginate",Carbohydrate Polymers,84(3):1011-1018,2011
2011 García-González, CA, Alnaief, M, & Smirnova, I,"Polysaccharide-based aerogels - Promising biodegradable carriers for drug delivery systems",Carbohydrate Polymers,86(4):1425-1438,2011
2010 Alnaief, M, & Smirnova, I,"Effect of surface functionalization of silica aerogel on their adsorptive and release properties",Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids,356(33-34):1644-1649,2010