Head of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering, Assistant Professor
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Selected Publications

2019 Mohamad K. Khawaja, Mohammad F. Khanfar, Talin Oghlenian, Waed Alnahar,"Fabrication and Electrochemical Characterization of Carbon Based Supercapacitor Electrodes",IEEE - 2019 10th International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC),2019
2017 E.M. Hamad, Rawashdeh, N, M.F. Khanfar, E.N. Al-Qasem, S.I. Al-Gharabli,"Neural Network Based Prediction of 3D Protein Structure as a Function of Enzyme Family Type and Amino Acid Sequences",Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences ,10 (2017) 73-78,2017
2014 Al-Gharabli, S, Abu El-Rub, Z, & Khanfar, M,"High Throughput Screening of Oil Content in Jordanian Oil Shale Using ATR-FTIR and Refractive Index Techniques",Paper Presented at the 7th Jordan International Chemical Engineering (JIChE 07) Conference,Amman, Jordan,2014
2010 Khanfar, M , & Morin, S,"Oxygen Reduction at Cobalt Phthalocyanine Modified Au (111) Electrodes",ECS Transactions,25(23), 33-45,2010
2004 Al-Gharabli, S, Khanfar, M, & Jörg, R," Microwave - Assisted Syntheses of Peptide Isostere Libraries Employing Amino Acyl Ketenes", Journal of Peptide Science, 10(s2), 1-85, 184. 3rd International and 28th European Peptide Symposium, September 5-10,Prague, Czech Republic,2004