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Eng. Taqwa Al-Sawareh,

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Following up on various matters related to Health Insurance with the university’s official Insurance Company.


To be a member in the University Health Insurance ,please fill this form.

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Handling various issues including following up on all matters related to scholarship recipients receiving training abroad and coordinating with the Finance Department in issuing checks, dispensing monthly stipends, and rendering university tuition and fees to host institutions

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Mrs. Arwa Alberawi,  Head of Scholarships Section.... Read more

  • Following up the implementation of all mandates issued in connection with the appointment of employees by the Personnel Committee and the University President.
  • Carrying through all mandates regarding employees including employment, promotion, annual salary increase, renewing contracts, issuing annual reports, following up on resignations, clearance, and issuing certificates of... Read more

Executing all directives issued by the Deans’ Council and the University President regarding:

  • Appointing the faculty members, and other teaching staff; namely, Lecturers and Teaching Assistants.
  • Renewing contracts and following through promotions, resignations and issuing all the paper work including Clearance Statements, Certificates of Service and Work Experience.... Read more