The Leader in Progress Scholarship Fund evolved from the thoughts of German Jordanian University students who made it their concern to try to help develop the society of our beloved country. Now, after months of preparing for this idea to bear fruit, we finally find it possible to achieve.

This initiative revolves mainly around the idea of trying to reduce the gap between social classes and the even wider gap between large business organizations and social institutions. So, driven by the vision of his Majesty King Abdullah II within which he focused on the youth, we decided that they should benefit from this initiative.

Moreover, this initiative isn’t just a normal university scholarship fund in which the student takes the scholarship and it ends there. This initiative focuses on the idea that a beneficiary should give back to society in many ways. Below is a brief explanation of how the procedure of choosing the beneficiary and the planned schedule afterwards will take place.

As a start, the criteria for choosing the candidates are mainly financial need and educational excellence. A committee from the school of Management and Logistic Sciences Faculty and business sponsors will be assigned to process the applications. This guarantees equal opportunity for excellent students from all around the country to win scholarships. Any Tawjihi student with a high GPA who is willing to study at the School of Management and Logistic Sciences is considered eligible for this fund.

Another important point is that the funding of this initiative will be purely from business firms’ donations. Furthermore, the name leader in progress refers to the idea that by designing the After Scholarship Give Back Program, we are teaching these students how to give back to their society and how to be leaders in whatever they do.

The After Scholarship Give Back Program consists mainly of activities that the scholarship holder is asked to take part in. These include community service hours, fund raising activities for social institutions, workshops that will improve one’s leadership skills. The first big challenge that he/she will face will be to manage the initiative after our team finishes its studies at the University.