Distinction, honesty, respect and innovation are some of our values at the School of Management and Logistic sciences (SMLS). Earning a business degree in our school is more than just learning different theories. We focus on providing our students with the highest quality of education and the most diverse experience possible, which  will help cultivate their cultural, social and intellectual experiences.

As part of the GJU’s vision, we put our best efforts to ensure cooperative applied education; believing that theoretical education alone is not enough, application of what completes the equation.

SMLS is a place of endless opportunities for all students; and we are currently including new majors such as B.S. in Finance, Applied Economics, and others. We make sure that our majors meet market needs. Our objective for the graduates is to continue education and gain major certificates such as a CPA, CFA...etc.

The school also builds networks with business leaders.  These partnerships do not only help our students engage with real life situations and cases, but it also helps the school stay up-to-date with the market requirements. The school updates its study plans in a way that ensures we have market-ready students by the end of their journey at the GJU.

On behalf of the faculty and staff members of SMLS, I wish you all the best and encourage you to embrace all the challenges and overcome them.  I am sure that the GJU and the SMLS will be an inspiration to all students.

Dr. Malek Alsharairi