The Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) MSc programme focuses on water resources management in the context of water scarcity in the (Middle East and North Africa) MENA region.
Within the MSc, IWRM students get acquainted with water management related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. They acquire the knowledge to learn different water-related disciplines such as... Read more

Climate change has serious implications on Jordan’s efforts to eradicate poverty and realize sustainable development for current and future generations, making climate change an issue of intergenerational equity. Hence, Jordan’s National Climate Change Policy and Sector Strategic Guidance Framework emphasises the need for adaptation measures, while maintaining a strong commitment on reducing... Read more

The “Employment opportunities for cultural heritage safeguarding in Jordan” project seeks to promote sustainable socio-economic development through a two-pronged approach, focusing on investing in cultural heritage preservation, while also creating short-term decent job opportunities.

The project uses a Cash for Work (CfW) mechanism that links humanitarian and development assistance,... Read more

As protracted conflicts, natural disasters, water scarcity, climate change and disease outbreaks continue to... Read more

Within the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) funding programme “Higher Education Dialogue with the Muslim World”, the Faculty of Applied Social... Read more

The project "Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries (LOSWAC)", funded by the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) funding programme “DAAD Transformation Partnership Program 2019-2020”, is implemented... Read more

The Nabateans employed elaborate flood control systems in Petra. These involved terraces, cisterns, check dams and perhaps full-scale dams. These measures not only mitigated much of the flood damage in the ancient city, but led to water harvesting and agricultural development in the hinterlands.

... Read more
This project focuses on creating the infrastructure needed to create self-sustainable Technology Transfer offices (TTOs) according to a new model that not only focuses on the practical steps to create and run those offices but also on providing legal, licensing, business and innovation training courses to scientists in Higher education institutions (HEIs) in Jordan, the administrative staff... Read more

The monitoring of infants' respiratory rate can contribute to the identification of several health problems and life threats. However, it is still the least documented and monitored parameter... Read more

Energy Smart Mediterranean School Network” ESMES  is part of the ENI CBC Med Programme, the largest multilateral initiative for cross-border cooperation (CBC) in the Mediterranean area. The Programme has a budget of €209 million, is funded by... Read more