MS@CPS is a collaborative effort among EU and MENA countries for the establishment of an International Master of Computer Systems on Cyber Physical Systems. The envisioned master programme will focus on the contemporary recent technologies in the fields of Embedded Systems (ES) and Knowledge-based Systems (KBS) that provide the needed expertise for a CPS education... Read more

Design, Development and Demonstration of a Future-Proof Active Smart Micro-Grid System. More information

Development Of Environmental Engineering Courses And Injection Of Climate Change Concept For Undergraduate Curriculum. More information

JOVITAL is a cooperation project with the aim to foster academic exchange using virtual mobility in order to offer innovative learning opportunities to university students and disadvantaged learners in Jordan. More information

Advanced Teaching and training on Smart grid & Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Systems. More information

Development of higher Education teaching modules on the Socio-economic Impacts of the Renewable Energy implementation. More information

VTC is a three years project funded by European Union through Erasmus+ Project, that concentrates on providing Jordanian students with competencies and skills needed by the market. The GJU-VTC is assigned to be the regional training center for the project. More information

Five partners from Europe and nine from South Mediterranean Countries are working together to widening participation and adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) as a bottom-up approach to support the modernisation of the Higher Education sector in Morocco, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan. ... Read more