• NOMINATION DEADLINE 30 June for winter semester and 30 September for summer semester 
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE 31 July for winter semester 31 November for summer semester  
  • Later received applications might be accepted. 
  • Regarding the application deadline you can find more informations under deadlines 



  • IAD- International Affairs Department 

Responsible for all administrative issues for Incoming students  

  • DSA-Deanship of Student Affairs 

Responsible for student related issues-for incomings-events-club memberships 

  • Social Work Department 

Offer the Social Work Diploma- Social Work Master 

  • DI-Tech 

The Deanship of Innovation and Technology Transfer offers a lot of opportunities for students like internship support, 3D printing, start up support. 


Important Documents.


  •  Application 

 Please ask your International Office to nominate you for an exchange semester at GJU (your university must be a partner university of GJU). After your nomination is confirmed, you would need to send us the following documents to the Incoming Coordinators or

1. Application Form  

2. Transcript of Records  

3. Learning Agreement  

4. Passport Copy  

5. Digital Photo (biometric photo with white background and colours)  

6. CV  

Your will receive from the Incoming Coordinator an invitation letter. 

For social work students the social work department would need also to approve the stay of the students at GJU. After receiving the invitation letter, the student is eligible to proceed with the Online Application Process and Payment. Please find the link here 

  • Learning agreement 

The learning agreement is a document which should contain all the courses that a student wants to register at GJU. It should be signed by your home university and at the end of the semester also from your host university as well as from the Incoming Coordinators. 

  • Study plan/ Courses 

Please take a look at your host department, they have a study plan, but please be informed that it is not bonding for you. You as Incoming Student can take any course from any major. 

  • Semester dates 

The semester dates and other very important dates and deadlines are mentioned in the Academic Calendar, which can be updated constantly, so please check it on a regular basis. The approximate dates for each semester and our deadlines for a semester at GJU are below: 

  • Nomination Deadline 
  • Application Deadline 

  • Registration Period 

  • Beginning of Classes 

  • Final Exams Period 

30 June 

31 July 

End of September  

Beginning of October  

End of January   

30 September 

31 November 

Mid of February  

End of February  

Mid of June  

  • Visa 

  1. If you have a Passport of a restricted country, please get in contact with the nearest Jordanian embassy, to get approval for your visa. To see if your country is restricted, please see the attached list, or check the website of a Jordanian embassy. 

  1. If you have a Passport of a non-restricted country (e.g., EU, Turkish, British, US, Canadian etc.) you have two different options. 

  1. Text BoxYou can apply at the nearest embassy for a Visa. This opportunity is more expensive than entering with the visa upon arrival, but less effort, because you don’t have to extend it.  

  1. Students can register for a temporary resident permit, through GJU. This permit will be valid for the whole semester and a blood test is not needed. For this procedure, please provide the Incoming Coordinators with: a copy of the passport and the student enrollment (you can get this from the registration department)  

  1. In case you have/want to stay longer than 6 months in Jordan, you should do the following:  

If you are planning to study at GJU for 2 semesters or to do an internship in Jordan after the end of your exchange semester at GJU, we recommend you to apply for a 1-year Residence Permit at the Jordanian Ministry of Interior during your first days in Jordan (after you get enrolled at GJU).  

List of restricted countries – December 2022 

  Asia continent 

  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 

  • Islamic Republic of Iran 

  • Independent State of Papua New Guinea 

  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan 

  • Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 

  • Republic of Philippines 

  • Socialist Republic of Vietnam 

  • Kingdom of Cambodia 

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic 

  • Mongolia (Republic of Mongolia) 

  • Republic of the Union of Myanmar 

  • Kingdom of Nepal (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) 

  • Republic of Iraq 

  • Republic of Yemen 

  • Republic of Bangladesh 

 Africa Continent 

  • Republic of Ethiopia 

  • State of Eretria 

  • Central African Republic 

  • Republic of Angola 

  • Republic of Uganda 

  • Republic of Botswana 

  • Republic of Benin 

  • People Democratic Republic of Burkina Faso 

  • Republic of Burundi 

  • Republic of Chad 

  • United Republic of Tanzania 

  • Togolese Republic 

  • Republic of Djibouti 

  • Democratic Republic of the Cong (Zaire) 

  • Republic of Zambia 

  • Republic of Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 

  • Republic of Senegal 

  • Republic of South Sudan 

  • Republic of Sierra Lion 

  • Federal Republic of Somalia 

  • Gabonese Republic 

  • Republic of the Gambia 

  • Republic of Ghana 

  • Republic of Guinea 

  • Equator Genie Republic 

  • Republic of Guinea Bissau 

  • Republic of Cameroon 

  • Republic of the Congo 

  • Republic of Liberia 

  • Republic of Mali 

  • Democratic Republic of Madagascar 

  • Union of the Comoros 

  • Islamic Arab Republic of Mauritania 

  • Republic of Mozambique 

  • Republic of Namibia 

  • Republic of Niger 

  • Federal Republic of Nigeria 

  • Republic of the Sudan 

  • Libya 

 South American Continent 

  • Belize 

  • Republic of Cuba 

Remark: Bearers of “Travel Pass” documents issues from all countries are considered restricted, except the “Travel Pass” document issued by the Vatican City State. 

Health insurance 

Although we provide all students at GJU with a mandatory Health Insurance; however, we always recommend them to get another international/travel health insurance in advance before coming to Jordan, because ours is LIMITED (doesn’t covers all medical conditions), so it will be better to have another one because you might need both of them here. 

  • Accommodation 

Please make sure that you join our Facebook group “GJU Incomings”, where students can get connected with each other before their arrival and get in touch with students from previous semesters, and learn from their experiences. 

There are plenty of websites and Facebook pages where you can find various housing offers, like: 

Approximate Expenses 


Accommodation.…: 300 jd 

Food & Drinks……..: 200 jd 

Transportation......: 150 jd 

Other expenses.....: 150 jd 

Total……………………: 800 jd 


  • Arrival in Jordan 

When you arrive in Jordan you can take the airport taxi. (The price will be calculated depending on your location, the cost is around 20 jd for short destinations. 

b. you can use the Airport shuttle, the Busses depart every 30 minutes from 6:30am to 6:00pm, and every 60 minutes from 6:00pm to 00:00am. For more information, check the website 

You cannot book a transportation application for your departure, these services are forbidden to enter the airport. 

  •  Orientation and registration week 
Registration Period 


 Mid of September  


Mid of February  


For the exact dates please check the academic calendar. 

  • Study buddy 

We will assign for all of our Incoming students study buddies (if they wish). The Study Buddy Program was established in order to support Incoming students with their stay at GJU and in Jordan, especially at the beginning of the semester. Also, it is a great opportunity to connect GJU students with international students, both can learn about other cultures and languages.  

  • Student ID Card 

GJU issues at before the semester starts your student ID in cooperation with the Cairo Amman Bank. This card is a digital card with several functions. Link 

  • Student enrolment 

The Student enrolment can be taken from the registration department. Please pay 2 JDs through, select service “other fees” and under select prepaid category, choose “student enrolment”. You can find here a detailed instruction on how to use Until now the student enrolments are still manually issued, we hope that it will be an automatically process in the upcoming semesters.  

  • Cafeteria 

The main campus of GJU in Madaba has two main cafeterias and two smaller cafeterias/ mini shops and many vending machines. The biggest cafeteria is in Building H and sells main dishes (from around 12 o clock except Thursday) sandwiches as well as snacks and drinks. In the cafeteria in Building C, you can buy sandwiches and snacks. The small shops only have snacks and drinks.  

The SABE campus unfortunately doesn’t have a cafeteria, but downtown is only a few minutes away and there are a lot of restaurants available. 


  • Mygju 

Mygju is a portal where all the administrative actions are available regarding your study at GJU.  

  • Drop/ withdrawn a course 

Since courses at GJU are for all students connected with attendance, students need to drop courses, if they don’t want to attend a course. Courses cannot be dropped during the registration week and during the add and drop period through the IAD and the registration department manually. After these two weeks the official period of changing courses is over. If a student still wants to change a course after this, he/she would need the approval of his/her school. After the student gets the approval from his/her dean, it should be sent. The deadline for dropping a course is the last day of the first week of classes. After this deadline you are no longer allowed to drop any course! 

  • Exams 

The exam system at GJU is quite different to the European system. During the semester student have a so- called first exam, a second, or midterm and a final exam. Also, a lot of professors have in their module’s quizzes case studies and projects.  

  • Transcript of records 

The transcript of records is the official document where all your grads from your exchange semester at GJU are listed. It will be handed to the exchange student as hard copy and sent to the International Office of his/her home university as soft copy. 

  • Semester extension  

Students can study at GJU for up to three semesters. This includes also an internship semester as well as a semester for writing the bachelor thesis if they wish. To proceed with an additional exchange semester, the IO of home university needs to nominate the student again (in case the university is partner of GJU). Further procedures will be as already mentioned in Application. 

  • Activities 

Our Deanship of Student Affairs offers a lot of sports possibilities like soccer, basketball etc. Also, other clubs are managed by the DSA and run by students like the robotics club, sustainability club etc. Incoming students are welcome to join these clubs. The trainings/sessions can take place at the sports hall on the campus or on another location, this depends on the kind of the sport and the responsible team head/members.  

  • Public/private transportation 

GJU offers busses which are driving on a regular schedule from the main campus in Madaba to different destinations. Please find here the exact timetable and destination points. In front of the GJU building, a public bus is driving on a regular basis form Madaba to the University of Jordan (Jubeiha destination). Please check here the timetable and the stops. 

Unfortunately, there is no GJU or public bus for the SABE campus in Jabal Amman. 

  • Social Work department 

The Social Work department is offering the Professional Training Certificate Program in Social Work. The application for Incoming students (student from a partner university) would be through the IAD. The Social Work department decides about the acceptance of the student in the program. Students would need to follow up regarding the acceptance with Ms. Sarah Al hussain. 

Students with the scholarship NOHA or free movers would need to apply to the Social Work department directly. 

  • Free Movers (Visiting students) 

Students who are not studying at a partner university can still apply for an exchange semester at GJU as a free mover. Free mover students have to pay registration fees as well as tuition fees. More information regarding the fees can be found here. 

  • Internship 

The Deanship of Innovation and Technology Transfer targets the alumni in Jordan as well as the company relations in Jordan as well as many other innovative projects. In terms of an internship in Jordan, they can provide you with support. Also, they host an annual career fair, which is also an opportunity for students to connect with companies. 


  • Exmatriculation 

The IAD will take care of the exmatriculation from GJU. You will receive the transcript of records at the end of the semester. We will send it to you via email and to your home university and you can also have it as a hard copy. 

  • Accreditation of marks 

You need the transcript of records from GJU to get your grades accredited from your home university. In order to get the official transcript of records you would need to pay 5 JD through