Study Group Mobility TBA

We are delighted to inform you that the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) via Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal will be providing a financial support for study groups working on transnational study projects within the network of GJU and its partner universities in Germany.

This funding initiative within the framework of the new DAAD Transnational Education proposal targets four study groups of approx. 20 students (half from GJU and half from German partner universities) with the best joint project ideas which will be funded within the calendar year of 2021!


Who can apply:

A formed study group:

  • That works on an innovative, practical-oriented joint project; 
  • With a topic aligned towards the GJU Topic of the Year or any other GJU Applied Science approach;
  • With approx. 10 students from GJU AND approx. 10 students from a German partner university (BA-, MA- and/or PhD students);
  • Under the supervision of a professor from GJU AND a professor from a German partner university;
  • With a regular exchange via virtual exchange platforms or e-learning (online learning) tools;
  • With a final project period and presentation of project outcomes either in Jordan OR Germany at the end of the joint work on the project in 2021.

The funding line supports:

  • 10 flight tickets to Jordan OR Germany per study group including airport arrival and departure pickups with six overnight stays for 10 persons (plus one professor) at the country visited


  • Project language is English (solid intermediate level).

How to apply:

For applications this Application Form (Word, PDF) needs to be filled and submitted as a soft copy to the International Office of GJU to                      

Application deadline is January 20, 2021. After the deadline, applications will be reviewed by a joined committee with representatives from GJU and the PO. The results will be communicated to the candidates in due time.


Ms. Laura Schergaut 

Building B, Office 117


Phone: 06 429 4896