Prof. Nizar Abu-Jaber, Director of the Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage at the German Jordanian University, participated in a panel series discussion addressing unexpected floods during an online meeting spanning two days, December 8th, and 9th. This event was organized by ICOMOS ICORP Crisis Monitoring & Response Working Group in collaboration with ICOMOS International Scientific Committees & National Committees.


During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Nizar Abu-Jaber and Dr. Catreena Hamarneh delivered an online scientific paper titled: 'The Old Shall Become New Again: Mitigation of Flash Flooding in the World Heritage Site of Petra – Jordan.' This lecture reported on the terrace project work that was previously implemented by CSNACH. It is also a prelude to a flood hydrology course being prepared by CSNACH for professionals dealing with issues related to flooding.

The main aim of the webinar was to bring specialists together to exchange information and experiences in order to better prepare for safeguarding cultural assets from flood disasters and human misfortunes in the future. This, after the devastating 2022, floods displaced over 2.4 million people, killed over 660 people and injured more than 2,400 people, according to the information of UN OCHA. The panel specifically addresses the emergency's essential response phase as it relates to users and cultural heritage.

This actually comes within the efforts of the German Jordanian University and the Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural to efforts in mitigating floods. With a new and unique diploma course developed that will be launched in 2024 for training specialist on flood risks and mitigation.


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