This program provides the students with the needed competencies in nursing skills to provide safe, evidence-based, patient-centered nursing care. With clinical courses comprising (60%) of the nursing credit hours of the study plan, the students will gain the required competency by integrating the theory and the clinical courses. Moreover, the program qualifies nurses who can provide health care in different specialties according to local and international standards, maximizing their employability in the hospitals in Jordan and the world.


Our collaboration with German universities can offer additional advantages, both to the institutions involved and the nursing profession in general:

  • Exchange of expertise: German universities have a long-standing tradition of excellence in nursing education and healthcare research. Collaborating with these institutions allows GJU to tap into their expertise, best practices, and innovative approaches in nursing education and training.
  • Enhanced curriculum: Through collaboration, the partners can develop a comprehensive and up-to-date nursing curriculum that aligns with international standards and addresses the evolving healthcare needs of both Jordan and Germany. 
  • International Clinical training opportunities: German universities likely have strong connections with healthcare institutions, providing GJU nursing students with access to high-quality clinical training sites and real-world experiences. 
  • International collaboration and networking: The partnership fosters a global outlook for both faculty and students. It opens doors for international collaboration, joint research projects, and participation in conferences and workshops, which can lead to a broader network of contacts and potential future collaborations.
  • Cultural exchange and diversity: Nursing students and faculty members from GJU will have the opportunity to experience a different healthcare system and culture. 
  • Addressing nursing shortages: By establishing a new school of nursing, the collaboration aims to increase the number of qualified nurses in both Jordan and Germany. This can help address the nursing shortage in both countries and contribute to the global effort to strengthen healthcare systems.
  • Multilingual Education: Given the international collaboration, the university offers multilingual education, including English and German.
  • Long-term partnership: The establishment of a nursing school through collaboration strengthens the bond between GJU and German universities. This long-term partnership can pave the way for future joint initiatives in other academic fields, creating a strong foundation for academic and cultural exchange.