The International Accounting program in GJU is structured to offer a unique experience & knowledge through an international perspective in the field of accounting. The program covers variety of accounting subjects that focuses on the international aspects of business activities. The aim of this department is to provide and equip students with the most needed skills and knowledge by employers either locally or internationally, and make graduates ready to unlock their potential for career advancement into the highest level.

The uniqueness of this department compared to other accounting program offered in other national and regional universities stems in many respects; the program focuses on teaching applied accountancy from international standpoint, all courses taught in Jordan are offered in English, students have a golden opportunity to practice their knowledge during their internship in Germany topped up with local internship in Jordan, prepares students to obtain professional certificates such as Certified Public Accountant "CPA" and Certified Management Accountant "CMA". As a matter of fact, many of the department’s students have successfully obtained such certificates while studying in GJU. The staff is dedicated to support the vision of GJU of being “the best of two worlds” through providing high quality education. High caliber faculty staff graduated from reputable western universities along with their professional experience and certification adds a great value of this department.

The department of International Accounting at the Business School (BS) provides state-of-the-art applied international accounting education that qualify students to be able to work as accountants in different organizations, auditors, controllers, tax consultants and management consultants. Furthermore, while studying in this department, students will learn other skills and knowledge from other departments in campus; for instance, managerial & logistics knowledge and skills, and multilingual "Arabic, English, German". All these skills will increase the likelihood of securing job opportunity upon graduation.  In addition, the curriculum prepares students to be able to continue their higher studies for Master and Ph.D. programs.