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GJU students spend a year in Germany as part of their Bachelor degree. During this year, they take “Technical Elective” classes for one semester at one of our German partner universities. After that, they train in German industry for 5 months. Upon the students' return to Jordan, they transfer their German classes for GJU credit hours and have their practical training approved. This page is intended to archive useful information for students about to start their year in Germany and those who are there now.

A list of German partner universities can be found in the "Partner Universities" page.


German Year Requirements

The requirements to be eligible for the German year are as follows:


  1. Completed the 160-hour field training in Jordan
  2. Completed 90 credit hours of non-German courses by the end of application semester (excluding: summer credits for 1st semester outgoings)
  3. Passed all 6 levels of German courses at the university by the end of application semester, and passed the B1 German language test (deadline to take the exam is set by the IO each semester)
  4. Passed English 5 by the end of application semester
  5. Passed all 099-level courses (Arabic099, English099, Math099) by the end of application semester
  6. GPA is at least 61% at the time of application, and will be at least 60% when students leave for Germany
  7. Passed the technical courses required by the department by the end of application semester as below


  • Industrial Engineering:

Passing four out of the five following courses:

Study Plan 2014

Study Plan 2020

IE223 Materials Science

IE0231 Operations Research

IE261 Work Measurement and Standards

IE0251 Work Measurement and Standards

IE312 Quality Control

IE0324 Quality Engineering

IE325 Manufacturing Processes

IE0344 Manufacturing Processes

IE332 Production Planning and Inventory Control

IE0314 Production Planning


  • Mechatronics Engineering:

Passing four out of the five following courses:

Study Plan 2014

Study Plan 2020

ME344 Control Systems I

ME0344 Control Systems I

ME362 Sensors and Actuators

ME0354 Actuators

ENE214 Electronics

ME0214 Electronics for Mechatronics

CE331 Signals and Systems

CE331 Signals and Systems

CE341 Microprocessor and Microcomputer Systems

ME0312 Microcontrollers and IoT


  • Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering

Passing all the following courses:

Study Plan 2014

Study Plan 2020

TME324 Power and Refrigeration Cycles

MECH0341 Power and Refrigeration Cycles

TME331 Theory of Machines

MECH0331 Theory of Machines

TME332 Machine Design

MECH0332 Machine Design

ENE321 Heat Transfer

ENE321 Heat Transfer


Regulations and Forms for Study Semester

Regulations for Internship Semester

Regulations for Graduation Project in Germany


You may follow the GJU SATS German Year on Facebook as well as the GJU Outgoings Index group