SATS Local Field Training (IE 391, ME 391, TME 391)

  1. Regulations
  1. SATS students MUST complete local training for 160 contact hours in a company that is working in a related field to the student’s major.
  2. Field training is a pre-requisite of the German year. Local Training must be completed by the time student is required to fill the German Year application.
  3. The only pre-requisite for Local Training is to finish at least 70 credit hours prior to starting training. 
  4. For training to be approved, it must fulfill the following criteria:
  • The training should consist of 160 contact hours such that at least two weeks (80 hours) must be of continuous training. Training duration is preferable to be spent in one company. Exceptional cases can be given for training in two companies such the training hours with each is no less than 80 contact hours


  • The training must take place only within semester breaks or semesters in which the student is not registered. Any training hours that intersect with the academic calendar is not counted. (No exceptions are allowed).


  • All students must get school approval prior to training. Any training that student does without approval is not counted


  • The approved company should not have any next of kin person (for example parents, brothers, or any blood relatives) of the student.


  • Training must start after the student gets the official school approval/authorization. Any training hours before the approval will not be counted regardless of the reason.


  • The school must agree on the training duration before the training starts.


  • Once the student gets school approval to train in one company, it is not allowed to change this company. If the student needed to change the company, he must repeat the training procedure for the new company.

 *Violating any of these conditions will cause rejecting the student’s training


  1. Procedure

1. Procedure for all students start by finding a company willing to train them within their field of specialization and not violating any of the above mentioned conditions


2. For the host training company, students can look at the below companies Database which includes SATS industrial partners. Students can also select a company out of this data if the company has a well-described profile and the offered training within their specialization. (Companies Database)


3. Once you find a suitable company, fill the form. Training request must be submitted at least 3 business days before the start of training


4. The training officer will review information about the student, training company, duration of training in the submitted form.


5. If all conditions are met, the training officer will send the student an authorization letter directed to the training company asking them officially to train the student and submit his/her evaluation once the training is completed. 


 6. During the training, the student must fill a weekly progress report 


7. Once the student finishes training, he must provide the Training Officer with the evaluation properly filled and dually signed and stamped by his supervisor along with a training report (Report template)


8. Evaluation and training report must be submitted to the training officer no later than ONE WEEK from the final day of training which will be reviewed and passed to the Assistant Dean for Industrial Links.


9. Assistant Dean for Industrial links reviews the evaluation and training report and if approved he provides his signature for approval which is followed by the Dean’s signature for endorsement


10. The evaluation is then sent for registration to be processed. Students who finished training should be able to see local training on his/her transcript before the end of the semester that follows his/her training


11. Copies of the approved evaluations will be kept in the school throughout the semester that follows your training. Any requests for copies of training evaluation after that must be directed to the Registration Department.