Welcome to the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) at the German Jordanian University. We appreciate your interest and hope you will take the time to explore our study programs. If you are interested in some of today's most exciting and rewarding career choices, then you should consider one of the three programs offered at the SATS: Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering and Industrial Engineering. At the SATS you will find a helpful and highly qualified faculty and staff, small class sizes, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, outstanding advising and academic support, athletic and social activities, and research opportunities.

Study programs at the School of Applied Technical Sciences are both interesting and demanding. Our curriculum focuses on academic knowledge, analytical skills, and hands-on experience. We have recruited faculty with excellent academic credentials and industrial experience. This ensures unsurpassed quality, experience, and commitment for the education of the future engineers who choose the German Jordanian University. Our study programs respond to the local and regional industry's increasing demand for engineers who are able to deal with more sophisticated and challenging technologies, and who have good academic and practical skills.

 The uniqueness of these programs arises from the strategic partnerships between the SATS and industrial partners in Jordan and Germany. Each study program at the SATS has major academic partners in Germany. The universities of Bochum and Aalen are strategic players in designing and developing the undergraduate Mechatronics, Industrial, and Maintenance engineering programs. Moreover, these universities, as well as other partner universities in Germany, host students in the fourth year of the study program for one semester and help arrange internships for students in German industrial companies. This is another unique advantage since students will be able to interact with more advanced technologies and deepen their engineering skills, which will definitely influence their future career options.

 The School of Applied Technical Sciences programs are continuously being updated and upgraded. We focus our efforts on continually bringing the best possible, most relevant and robust education to our students. The SATS prepares students with a broad educational background and skills that allow them to be creative, be entrepreneurial leaders, and to fit among a variety of careers and disciplines. Courses range from industrial automation, to management and humanitarian sciences, allowing our graduates to be well prepared for engaging in the fast changing, global business world.

 I am deeply gratified by the progress and achievements of our students, faculty, and staff during the past year. The SATS’s successful network of German partners and industrial partnerships play an active role in our success. Through student exchange, advisory councils, financial assistance, and other supporting activities, stakeholders in the SATS reflect the dedication and generosity needed for our school to be one of the top schools in the region.

Dr. Iyas Khader