About the B.Sc. in Design and Media Informatics Program (Official 2023/2024)

The undergraduate program in Design and Media Informatics is a joint program between the Computer Science department at the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT) and the Design and Visual Communication department at the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE). The program is unique in Jordan and it is offered to set students up for a career in different creative and innovative industries! It is a synergy and integration between graphic design and software engineering skills to develop digital media with focus on human-computer interaction (Visual Computing). It deals with the conception, development, implementation, and operation of software systems for the production, distribution, and use of digital media. The main aim of the program is to provide students with practical and multidisciplinary skills in the following areas: game development, virtual/augmented reality, social media development, web/mobile application development, storytelling, graphic design, video/animation, computer graphics, user interface/experience design, database design, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, visualization, multimedia systems, freehand drawing, digital photography, typography for digital media, and theory of visual communication design. Not to mention, the program goals relate to high-quality in applied education and research, international co-operation, rich interaction and partnerships with enterprises, as well as focus on relevant academic tracks.

All students spend one year in Germany (German Year) during their study program, in which they study one semester in one of the German partner universities, then they do an obligatory internship of at least 20 weeks full-time in the German industry.

Program Vision

To graduate highly qualified people with a Bachelor of Science degree in design and media informatics and strong capabilities of developing and designing human-centered and user-friendly applications interacting with different types of data.

Program Mission

To arm students with the required knowledge and experience in the field of design and media informatics that enable them to fulfill society and market needs.