Dr. Mustafa Jaradat
Associate Professor
PHONE: +962 6 4294444 Ext. 4221

Dr. Jaradat holds a PhD in the area of liquid desiccant systems and has more than 20 years’ research and work experience in open and closed cycle desiccant systems, and practical (experimental) experience in the field of adiabatic and non-adiabatic (internally cooled/heated) absorbers and regenerators. In addition to several publications in this area, he also participated in building two liquid desiccant systems pilot plants in Germany for agricultural and HVAC applications during two large scale projects (KLIMZUG Nordhessen and OpenSorp, each with a fund of 5M Euros). Dr. Jaradat has published more than 10 research papers in liquid desiccant systems; improvement of components, building of pilot plants, laboratory and field measurements, modelling for several applications. An updated list of which can be found on Google Scholar.

Educational Background

Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.),University of Kassel 2016
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology 2004
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology 2002
Research Interests

Solar and Engineering Systems

Solar Cooling

Heat Pumps

HVAC systems

Open and closed cycles absorption and adsorption systems

Selected Publications

2022 Hindiyeh, M., Jaradat, M., Albatayneh, A., Alabdellat, B., Al-Mitwali, Y., Hammad, B. ,"Sustainable Green University: Waste Auditing, German Jordanian University as a Case Study",Frontiers in Built Environment,8, 884656,2022
2022 Jaradat, M., Albatayneh, A., Juaidi, A., Abdallah, R., Ayadi, O., Ibbini, J., Campana, P. E.,"Liquid desiccant systems for cooling applications in broilers farms in humid subtropical climates",Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments,51, 101902,2022
2022 Jaradat, M., Alsotary, O., Juaidi, A., Albatayneh, A., Alzoubi, A., Gorjian, S.,"Potential of Producing Green Hydrogen in Jordan",Energies,15(23), 9039,2022
2022 Akel Hasan, A.,"A review of solar thermal cooling technologies in selected Middle East and North African countries",Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments ,Volume 54, 102871,2022
2020 Jaradat, M., Al-Addous, M., Albatayneh, A., Dalala, Z., Barbana, N.,"Potential Study of Solar Thermal Cooling in Sub-Mediterranean Climate",Applied Sciences,10, (7), 2418,2020
2020 Jaradat, M., Al-Addous, M., Albatayneh, A,"Adaption of an Evaporative Desert Cooler into a Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioner: Experimental and Numerical Analysis",Atmosphere,2020
2020 Al-Addous, M., Jaradat, M., Bdour, M., Dalala, Z., Wellmann, J,"Combined concentrated solar power plant with low-temperature multi-effect distillation",Energy Exploration & Exploitation,Volume 38, Issue 5,2020