Generally, you need to follow the following steps in regards to your local internship:


first you need to find a company to have your internship in. The position should be related to your major, and the internship should be done outside the academic semester. Please find attached the local internship rules for more details.

After finding the company, please contact me and fill in the data related to your training in this form:


After filling the form, contact me to let me know so I can generate an official letter addressing your company to let you perform your internship. The letter should then be signed by the Dean's office in a few days. You can receive it from there, or get a soft copy if access to the university was still limited due to COVID19.

Once you start your training, please use the files below which are:

  • Evaluation form. This should be filled by your supervisor at the end of your training period. It should be stamped and sealed in an official envelope.
  • Report form sample. This sample is to guide you while you are writing your training report.


Finally you are kindly requested to fill this form after finishing your training, which includes a survey that can help us improve the local internship.


You should submit all the files within two weeks after finishing your training.  

No training will be accepted till your report is approved by the department.




Training Officer:

Eng. Sondos