MSEM is a degree that bridges the gap between the fields of engineering, technology, business management, and innovation. It is a multidisciplinary field that involves the application of advanced business methods, engineering techniques, and innovative tools to design, manage, and improve complex systems and achieve organizational objectives.

MSEM is aimed at attracting ambitious engineers who aspire to obtain a senior role in their organizations in which they integrate technical and management responsibilities with innovation to support business growth and new organizational trends. It is ideal for recent graduates hoping to make their first move into engineering and innovation management, as well as established professional engineers who aspire for a higher management role and wish to extend their knowledge beyond their specific technical field.

MSEM graduates can work as engineering managers, quality managers, innovation and technology managers, project managers, operations managers, as well as in planning and strategic management to lead their organizations.




Graduates of the MSEM program will be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Apply engineering and management knowledge and techniques to analyze complex decisions and design complex engineering systems.
  • Establish successful engineering management careers in the public and private sector that will contribute to the development of Jordan and the region.
  • Successfully manage technological innovation by developing the strategies, structures, and systems needed for the effective commercialization of new products and services, business systems and production processes.
  • Develop competitive skills in problem-solving techniques, interdisciplinary teamwork, and critical analysis of engineering management problems.
  • Develop a profound understanding of global economic and technological aspects to meet the changing needs of a knowledge-based economy by adapting and responding to changes.
  • Engage in service to professional societies and communities through practicing engineering systems management with professionalism and ethics.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

  • Solve industry-related problems by applying advanced engineering management, business, and innovation knowledge.
  • Analyse and design complex systems using both qualitative and quantitative tools and perspectives.
  • Interpret quantitative and subjective data to make sound engineering and managerial decisions. 
  • Evaluate possibilities and opportunities by combining creative thinking skills and tools with a thorough understanding of technological development.
  • Analyse, design, and manage innovation and product development for maximum effectiveness and value.
  • Develop and lead effective teams and projects and communicate effectively across the entire enterprise
  • Understand the ethical responsibilities of practicing engineering managers and the impact of their decisions on a global and societal context.
  • Appreciate the need for life-long learning and personal development


Unique Features

  • Market-ready managers.
  • Faculty members with excellent academic credentials and industrial experience
  • Well-designed curriculum considering an academic and professional body of knowledge and related-software implementation. 
  • Theoretical and practical learning through hands-on research and industry-linked projects.
  • Interdisciplinary education focusing on both system and subsystem levels
  • German dimension including professors and students exchange.



All students having a BSc degree in any engineering discipline can apply to this master program.           



  • 34 credits hours.
  • Thesis and non-thesis tracks.
  • Entry assessment exam on engineering statistics and economics.


Key Fields of knowledge

  • Management Sciences
  • Business Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Statistics & Quality
  • Operations Research
  • Applied Information technology
  • Technology Management
  • Research Methods

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