Industrial Automation Laboratory

The lab assignments will offer students practical experience with several kits and a Robot designed to teach the principals of Programmable Logic Controllers. These Kits are programmed using Logo Siemens SW, where the student will develop and simulate different models and applications used in

Manufacturing Laboratory


This course addresses the basic properties of engineering materials and material behavior related to manufacturing processes. The purpose of the course is to get students acquainted with basic

Material Science Laboratory

Material Science lab provides practical experiments in two main topics:

  • Materials mechanical behavior which contains experiments such as tensile strength testing, hardness, fatigue, and creep.
  • Microstructure and heat treatment process that covers microscopic examination,
Safety and Ergonomics Laboratory

Ergonomics is the study, design and integration of human capabilities and limitations into the workplace.  The Ergonomics Lab provides undergraduate students with the tools in order to analyze and provide recommendations for improved human effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.

Engineering Workshops

Engineering Workshops are supplied with a number of machines to introduce undergraduates to various processes in carpentry, welding, sheet metal forming, and machining workshops. The workshops provide comprehensive and flexible

Work Measurement and Standards Laboratory
  • The laboratory aims to provide the student with knowledge related to the study of motion and time and to describe techniques and procedures for the study of motion and time.

    It also aims to introduce many topics in the study of motion and time including workstation design, job

Simulation Laboratory

Simulation is the technique of building a model of a real or proposed system so that the behavior of the system under specific conditions may be studied. One of the key powers of simulation is the ability to model the behavior of a system as time progresses. Decisions can be made about the

Operation Research Lab

Operations research lab is a complementary element in Operations Research course. It will give the students practical experience of how to model and solve managerial problems using operations research techniques. The lab subjects will cover the following models: Data definition, Production