Year Faculty Publications
2023 Dr. Ignacio Arce,"“Khirbat al-Mafjar Revisited (I): The New Umayyad Mosque within the Qasr, and Implications for the Building Sequence and Setting of the Complex (A New Understanding through Architectural Stratigraphy and Landscape Archaeology)”.",Chicago University Press,2023
2023 Dr. Ignacio Arce,"“Two New Umayyad Mosques in Jordan (at Abila of The Decapolis & at Shuqayra Al-Gharbiyye)”, ",Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden.,Proceedings, 12th International Conference on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 12ICAANE. Bologna April 2021. Vol.2 Islamic Archaeology (edited by Mattia Guidetti & Enrico Cirelli). ,2023
2023 Dr. Ignacio Arce, Muhsen AL-BAWAB,""Mixed Realities, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Conservation of Architectural Heritage" ",Humboldt-Kolleg /Lit-Verlag,Proceedings of the Humboldt-Kolleg International Conference - Cultural Heritage: At the Intersection of the Humanities and the Sciences (Jordan, 16-18 April 2019). Reihe: Archäologie: Forschung und Wissenschaft. Bd. 7, ,ISBN 978-3-643-91252-7.,2023 [View]
2022 Nadeen Abdeldayem , Raed Al Tal, Anne Gharaibeh,"Impact of the built environment on social inclusion of people with physical disabilities in Jordan",ITU A|Z Journal,This research explores the relationship between the built environment and social inclusion of adults with physical disabilities in the city of Amman, the capital of Jordan, using GIS (Geographic Information Systems). GIS is overlapped with the survey data,Turkey ,2022 [View]
2022 Ahmed Freewan, Neda’a Jaradat, Ikrima Amaireh,"Optimizing Shading and Thermal Performances of Vertical Green Wall on Buildings in a Hot Arid Region",MDPI,Journal Article.,2022 [View]
2022 Raed Al Tal , Rawan Theodory , Subhi M. Bazlamit ,"Assessing the Intersected Relationship between Land Use and Transportation Planning",Journal of Geography, Environment and Sustainability,This research analyses the causes of traffic congestion in urban corridors. It specifically studies the intersected relationship between land-use and transportation planning. Techniques implemented in data collection are personal observations, traffic cou,Moscow, Russian Federation,2022 [View]
2022 Raed Al Tal , Safa' Sallam, Hikmat Ali,"Syrian Crisis Impacts on the International Refugee Education Fund in Jordan",International Journal of Educational Reform,This research evaluates the impacts of the international organizations’ fund on urban Syrian refugees’ educational environment in Jordan. This research can be used as an assessment tool of refugee educational strategies especially when promoting education,United States ,2022 [View]
2022 Dr. Ignacio Arce," “New Building Infrastructures Found at Quṣayr ʿAmra: Archaeology of Construction during the Umayyad Period”",Brill. Leiden,in Gilento, P. (Ed.) Building between Eastern and Western Mediterranean Lands. Construction Processes and Transmission of Knowledge from Late Antiquity to Early Islam. Arts and Archaeology of the Islamic World, Volume 18. Brill. Leiden. 181-198,ISBN 978-9004516793,2022 [View]
2022 Raed Al Tal , Tala Mukheimer, Ala’ Janbek, Ala’a AlSmadi, Ihab Al Hajjaj, Zain Abu romman,"Household solid waste management in inaccessible neighborhoods",Journal of Settlement and Spatial Planning,This research examines challenges in collecting household solid waste in highly populated inaccessible neighborhoods. This study is important since it brings valuable contribution to the scarce literature on the relationship between solid waste managemen,Romania ,2022 [View]
2022 Sara Abu Gharbieh, Raed Al Tal, Imad Hashimi,"Analyzing the spatial distribution of private universities using the Gravity Model ",Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management,This study assesses the spatial distribution of private universities using a Spatial Interaction Model (SIM) called Gravity Model (GM). It attempts to develop and validate a model that explains the prospective students’ attractions and priorities to enrol,Romania ,2022 [View]
2022 Abduallah Sager, Raed Al Tal, Jawdat Goussous,"Violence and the Deformation of the Urban Form in Iraqi cities ",Journal of architecture and planning,This study explores the impacts of violence on the urban deformation of Iraqi cities as a result of conflicts and political violence. This research adopts three theories of urban spatial design (figure-ground, linkage, and place theories) within a mixed-m,China ,2022 [View]
2022 Raed Al Tal , Enas ZAREER, Baraah MUDRAJ, Marah AL-TAWEEL, Yazid HAMODAH,"PEDESTRIAN-FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOODS, URBAN PLANNING AND PUBLIC HEALTH SYNERGY",TRANSPORT PROBLEMS,This paper highlights the link between urban planning, walkability, and public health. It examines the impact of urban planning on physical health and traffic safety. The result of the study reveals a low level of physical activities because of the non-fr,Poland ,2022 [View]
2021 Raed Al Tal , Tala Mukheimer, Rawan Theodory , Zaid Zwayyed , Nadia Almehdawi , Dina Al Abdallat , Feli Saticilef,"TOURISM INDUSTRY IMPACTS ON SPATIAL INEQUALITY IN THE DEAD SEA REGION",Geography, Environment and Sustainability,This research examines the impact of the tourism industry on spatial inequality in the Dead Sea region in terms of income, employment and changes in urban forms. This study is important since urbanization and spatial management programs received little at,Moscow, Russian Federation,2021 [View]
2021 Aseel Alja’afreh , Raed Al Tal, Anwar Ibrahim,"The social role of open spaces in informal settlements in Jordan ",Open House International,The study hypothesized that the absence of the governing authority during the growth and expansion of informal settlements caused a highly randomized dense social fabric that shaped their characteristics. The importance of the research is that the explora,United Kingdom ,2021 [View]
2021 Ahmed Freewan, Mervet Adas, Ikrima Amaireh,"Optimizing the Natural Ventilation using Horizontal Wind Catcher in Residential Building in Hot Climate Regions.",ZEMCH 2021,Conference Paper,UAE,2021