The General Services Department is one of the most important departments at the German Jordanian University, and it is one of the largest executive departments in the university in terms of the responsibilities entrusted to it, the number of employees in it, and the area of jurisdiction. Its organization is: the Department of Services Department, Division of University Security, Division of Movement and Transportation, Division of Buildings, Division of Gardens and Agriculture, Post, PBX, and Control.


Fulfilling our commitments to our university in terms of employees, students, partners and dealers with the university is our highest priority, and we are keen to use the interactive method in constructive and continuous dialogue in developing our business and raising the level of services provided, through which we hope that our department will become a high-performance department that puts customers at the forefront of its priorities, and develops and benefit from their experiences.


And as the backbone of the university and in touch with the university community, we seek the Department of General Services to possess the technology and adapt it in a way that increases the quality and quality of the work carried out through it and participate in it in order to raise the percentage of satisfaction and the sustainability of the logistical and basic work in the university.

Director of General Services Department

Eng. Bara Nayfe Alqudah