Hydraulics has developed as an analytical discipline from the application of the classical laws of statics, dynamics and thermodynamics, to situations in which fluids can be treated as continuous media.

The particular laws involved are those of conservation of mass, energy and momentum and in each application, these laws, may be simplified in an attempt to describe quantitatively the behavior of the fluid.

The materials of this manual have been written to describe fluid mechanics, and hydraulic instruments, components, and theoretical background, to employ all of those materials for engineering applications through a demonstrated work.

We hope this manual would provide the students with the necessary knowledge, to demonstrate a particular aspect of the fluid mechanics and hydraulics theories.


Lab Experiments:

  1. Fluid properties
  1. Center of pressure
  1. Impact of a jet
  1. Reynolds number
  1. Bernoulli's equation
  1. Pipe losses
  1. Pumps
  1. Water hammer
  1. Turbine
  1. Open channel
Lab Room: