The lab assignments will offer students practical experience with several kits and a Robot designed to teach the principals of Programmable Logic Controllers. These Kits are programmed using Logo Siemens SW, where the student will develop and simulate different models and applications used in real life. Systems covered include, a gluing machine, a pending machine, an oven, and a radar system.

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the practical knowledge of the basic electrical wiring of logic gates, relays, timers, and simple control systems.
  •  Demonstrate the practical knowledge of electrical and pneumatics sensors.
  •  Solve automated pneumatic and electro-pneumatic problems: simulate using software and implement using hardware and piping.
  •  Solve, program, simulate and implement different industrial problems using the LOGO! Siemens PLC- hardware and LOGO! Soft Comfort software.
  •  Program the PLC via Ladder and the functional block diagrams. 
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