Dear Students,
Regarding any inquiries, kindly to contact the responsible Exchange Coordinator and Exchange Officer: 
*Logistic Sciences Exchange Coordinator:
Dr.Serena Sandri
Office: B305
Telephone: +962 6 4294444 Ext. 4678
*BS Exchange Officer:
Mrs.Lara Nassar
Office: B314
Telephone: +962 6 4294444Ext. 4630

*Before proceeding with the procedures for your German year in Germany you should:

  • At least 103 credit hours completed (by time of departure).
  • GPA is 61 or above (by time of application).
  • GPA is 60 or above (by time of departure).
  • ENGL201: English V Passed (by time of departure).
  • German VI taken (by time of departure) 
  • Complete 160 hours of field training in Jordan (by time of departure).
  • Major-specific requirements, complete five out of eight of the following courses: ​
  • 2016 Study plan : 

    • LOGS211: Purchasing Strategies
      LOGS212: Transportation and Technology Management
      LOGS222: Export and Import Management
      LOGS311: Design and Operations of Logistics Systems
      LOGS312: Warehouse Management and Optimization
      LOGS313: Inventory Management and Control 
      LOGS321: Green Logistics
      LOGS411: Retail Logistics Management
  • 2018/2019 Study plan : ​

    • LOGS223: Procurement Management
      LOGS215: Transportation and Distribution Management
      LOGS214: Import-Export Management
      LOGS324: Logistics Network Design
      LOGS316: Warehouse Management
      LOGS315: Inventory Management
      LOGS341: Green and Reverse Logistics
      LOGS417: Retail Logistics