Antenna and Microwave Lab

In this lab, the Computer Controlled Antenna Trainer “EANC” is  used to  design full-automatic control of the antenna measurement through the computer PC, which allows students familiarize with automatic antenna analysis. The “EANC” allows to learn how to perform the most common antenna

Advanced Wireless Communication Lab

This lab provides a software-defined RF architecture to rapidly design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems with custom signal processing. The USRP Software Defined Radio Device is a reconfigurable RF device that includes a combination of host-based processors,

Electronics and Digital Electronics Lab


The facility of this lab is intended to provide the student with basic skills that are required in the design and construction of electronic circuits. The lab is necessary for students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of all the basic circuits, such as

Communication Circuits Lab

In this lab, various types of electronic communication circuits kits, provide students the main concepts about common electronic communication based on theoretical and practical implementation. The circuit kits are provided with a set of practical exercises, through which the student will

Communication Systems Lab


The facilities of this lab are intended to experimentally demonstrate a full range of analog and digital communication systems. The experiments set up and run are based on the procurement of a modular analog communication system consisting of a base unit and an assortment of circuit