Welcome to the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE). We appreciate your interest in learning more about our study programs.

SABE consists of two departments: The Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture and The Department of Design and Visual Communication

The Architecture Department offers undergraduate (B.SC.) and graduate (M.Sc.) degrees in the fields of Spatial Planning, Architectural Conservation, and Sustainable Buildings, with the latter starting in 2022–2023. The Department of Design and Visual Communication offers an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design, Cinematography and TV Production, Multi-Media, Animation, and Product Design.

The Design and Media Informatics program is a new joint program that will be introduced in 2023–2024, in collaboration with the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The program will focus on gaming and virtual/augmented reality.

As part of the university methodology, students live in Germany for a year. German institutions that are key partners with SABE host students in their fourth year of study for one semester and provide assistance in locating internships at German engineering and industrial firms for the second semester, this provides our students access to valuable training opportunities that utilize the most cutting-edge technology in the field.

Our sustainable goal is "Quality in Education"; The Learner, the Environment, and the Instructor are the three primary pillars of the educational process. With a solid education and a wide range of practical experience, SABE equips students with the creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills they need. At SABE, an interactive friendly environment is the key to our graduates' success.

We are proud of the accomplishments and quick development of our students, as seen by the numerous awards that our talented students have won locally, regionally, and worldwide. Distinguished academics and highly experienced industrial professors with extensive educational backgrounds who have graduated from prestigious universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Jordan; make up the inspiring teaching faculty at SABE.

Theory and practice in the programs we provide are integrated into our study plans. This is particularly evident in our bachelor programs' “Dual Study track”, which mandates that students complete three summer semesters of internships with one of the regional industry partners. Currently, the school houses about 550 students in different programs.

SABE has established itself as the premier center for Architecture and Design not only locally but regionally as well. We believe our goal of international recognition will be attainable in the near future through the efforts of our brilliant graduates.

Dr. Omaimah Ali