Status: Ongoing

Funding: GIZ Cash for Work program

Description: The German Development Agency (GIZ) has generously agreed to help complete the rehabilitation of the Nabatean flood control system at Wadi Hraimieh in Petra, which began with a previous project. As... Read more

Status: Ongoing

Funding: Scientific Research Fund (Jordan)

The Jordan Rift Valley margins were always the focus of settlement in Jordan. Many factors have contributed to this, but two stand out in this regard. The first is that the most reliable sources of water, in the form of springs, are... Read more

Status: Completed.

Funding: SRTD II

One of the secrets of sustainable management in this part of the world is effective use of all water resources available. Over the centuries and millennia, the people of the region optimized the use of runoff water for irrigation and, by the way,... Read more

Status: Completed


The MESCAPES project aimed to raise awareness about the concept of landscapes in the eastern Mediterranean, and to introduce an innovative methodology known as landscape character assessment (LCA) as a tool for effective landscape management in the partner countries. The partner countries were Cyprus (... Read more

Status: Ongoing

Funding: The Consulting Engineering Center (CEC)

The recent placement of Wadi Rum natural reserve on the World Heritage List places important obligations for the sustainability of the area. This includes obligations to the World Heritage Center as well as for the needs of the local community and the visitors of the area.

... Read more

Status: In preparation

Funding: In search

Since the abandonment of the phosphate mine sites in Russeifa in the 1980’s, the entire landscape has been a dilemma for the authorities and the inhabitants of the area. The area had been mined since the 1940’s, leaving behind tunnels, open pits and piles of crushed overburden, rendering the area... Read more