This project is deemed to be one of the largest projects carried out by the ED. It contains a lot of work, such as landscape, streets, pedestrian walks, generators & water treatment, and North & South parking. The infrastructure project has a unique system as water supply, fire fighting, and irrigation & gas distribution system.

This building is composed of elevated water tank with 500 m³ capacity, and underground water tank with 1200 m³ capacity. This tower has also cafeteria and exhibitions in the upper floors.

  • Status: completed
  • Area: 1125 m²
  • Cost: 11.3 million JD
  • Period of Construction: 10 months

This School is composed of three wings with five stories covered by natural cladding of local stones. The stories are connected together with glass & steel links to maintain their strength on the long run. This building contains special laboratories, classrooms, computer labs, workshops, and theater. All of these facilities have enough space to be equipped with 100 staff members.

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This building provides the whole campus with internet & network services. The ED designed an additional floor in this building in order to accommodate more departments. 

  • Status: Completed
  • Area: 1300 m²           
  • Cost: 1.1 million JD    
  • Period of Construction: 2 years. 


This project contains two main buildings covered by natural cladding of local stones and connected with glass & steel links .The ED built a multipurpose hall on the roof (Link Area) between the two wings in order to use it as Exhibition Hall.

  • Status: Completed
  • Area: 5500 m²
  • Cost: 4.3 million JD
  • Period of Construction: 3 years.

The Substation was constructed to facilitate providing the campus with suitable electricity.

  • Status: Completed

  • Area: 600 m²           

  • Cost: 340.000 JD

  • Period of Construction: 10 months.

The German Jordanian University and the ED signed an agreement with Cairo Amman bank to design, construct and supervise the construction of a special building to be used as an internal branch for CAB. This building would be used also as a place for restaurants and break areas. The building’s façade shape was inspired by GJU's architectural style. The price does not include the finishing cost... Read more

The Engineering Department prepared the preliminary design for this building and announced it for competitive bidding. This project also provides additional class rooms, offices, cafeteria and an Auditorium which can accommodate 200 persons.


  • Status: Under Construction
  • Area: 6000 m²
  • Cost: 2.75 million JD
  • Period of Construction: 2 years (expected... Read more
  • Administration Building
  • Main Restaurant Building
  • Deanship of Student Affairs
  • School of Information and Computing
  • School of Technological Sciences
  • Main Library
  • German Jordanian Cultural Centre