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About School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management 

Founded in 2005, The School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management (SNREM) is comprised of two Departments:

  • Department of Energy Engineering.
  • Department of Water and Environmental Engineering.

The SNREM vision is to be Jordan’s leading research and teaching School with a reputation for excellence in scholarship and industrial cooperation, and to achieve regional recognition in the fields of Energy, Water, and Environment Engineering, in both worlds of research and academia.

Our mission is to transfer leading edge technologies in Energy, Water and Environmental Engineering into our community and throughout the region leveraging the unique abilities of GJU graduates. Allowing as well, a stronger engagement in research and development ventures, that would contribute to addressing many challenges facing energy, water and environmental sectors in Jordan and the region.


Bestowed with a professional group of faculty members and staff , the school conjointly has industrial professors and flying faculty from Germany, of whom 20 hold PhD degrees from the world’s most prestigious and reputable universities.

At the beginning of the Academic Year 2008/2009, the total student enrollment in the School was 82 students in all. The number has gone up to more than 450 students in 2014/2015.

The School has many teaching and research laboratories in Energy and Water and Environment. Additionally, the school has access to all labs and faculties allocated at other GJU schools.

Our programs are unique in many ways, they are designed along the German Applied Universities model. They aim to develop and foster well-educated graduates with the practical skills, attributes and knowledge that enable them to practice effectively as professional engineers.

The German year, a one unique opportunity for our graduates during their 4th year, where they get the chance to be in Germany to experience real life and professional training at esteemed partner German universities and specialized Companies to get the German professional attitudes and protocols.

Graduates from the Department of Energy Engineering and Department of Water & Environmental Engineering are highly employable and command some of the best starting salaries. It is foreseen on the short and long term that many of the leading organizations in Jordan and the region will recruit more SNREM graduates.