The main aim of this team is to develop software tools in order to meet the educational and managerial software related needs of all schools and departments in the GJU. Our team follows the best software practices and utilizes state of the art frameworks and technologies to develop efficient and user friendly tools that are customized to meet the academic regulations and business procedures of... Read more

The ISTC system administration team supports and provides Email as well as various Office 365 related services as follows:

Email: Using Microsoft Outlook.

Office Applications: Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and Whiteboard.

One Drive Cloud Storage: 1 TB capacity per user accessible from anywhere.... Read more

The ISTC team supports the E-Learning Moodle platform as a Course Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS), or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle is a free web application that our educators can use to develop effective online learning sites. Each course in Moodle may have an area where a teacher can add resources and activities for... Read more

The website team is responsible for the administration and development of the GJU website. It is also responsible for both the hosting and content editing environments of the website.

The website is hosted on a secure and powerful server. While, an open source content management platform is used to facilitate content management and editing by many administrators (each department and... Read more

The ISTC team administers an in-house state-of-the-art data center at GJU to support many of the offered services to its staff and students. Some of the supported services include private email with large capacities for staff, shared storage locations for departments, virtualization of critical services, upgrade to the... Read more

A state of the art high speed Intranet is managed and maintained by the computer center to provide wired and wireless Internet service to the GJU family. Our network is comprised of two redundant core switches that are located in the data center and are interconnected via a 10 gigabit fiber optics backbone to the aggregate switches in all of the GJU buildings in the main campus.

... Read more

We use the Asterisk framework to allow our staff to make telephone calls to one another in campus and to connect to the services of our telephony provider when making domestic calls. In addition, we use an independent PBX to route the international calls to the E1 line of our telephone service provider. Moreover, VoIP phones are also available to allow transmitting telephone calls over our... Read more

This system is used for university security as it allows us to: monitor the campus, track unacceptable visitors/students/staff behavior, reduce thefts, and eliminate crime. It is comprised of 160+ IP cameras that are distributed all over sensitive locations (e.g., main entrances, hallways, cafeterias, squares, parking lots) in the GJU campus. The captured footage from each camera is... Read more

A state of the art HD video conferencing system that is installed in various places at the GJU can bring staff, students, and others at different remote locations together via simultaneous two-way video and audio sessions. Hence, people at different locations can interact verbally and visually together without loss of time and money to travel to a common location. For example, students in SABE... Read more

This system is installed, configured, and administered by the computer center in order to capture when the administrative staff start and leave work. It enables the Human Resources (HR) department and all managers at GJU to automatically monitor labor, tardiness, sick days, vacation days, and holidays. Such information is very critical to improve productivity and to eliminate unnecessary... Read more