IRC strategy covers two axes

  • Linking the theoretical education with the practical application through a strategic partnership with the industry 
  1. Developing the corporate image for the industrial dimension of the university
  2. Creating industrial and interdisciplinary research focus groups at each school
  3. Developing partnerships with the industry
  4. Implementing action plans developed with the industry that focuses mainly on engaging industrial partners in co-teaching, co-training, co-research, and advisory
  5. Developing the practical training of undergraduate students 
  6. Assisting in developing an employability compass that focuses on co-curricular courses and enterprise graduate services
  7. Organizing regular workshops with the industry, and exhibitions that demonstrate the industrial dimension of the university
  • Establishing an entrepreneurial and start up culture at GJU 
  1. Developing the rules and regulations related to the intellectual properties of industrial projects
  2. Developing partnerships with business incubators
  3. In-house training on business startups and technology commercialization
  4. Creating a business incubator and a business park at GJU