The German Jordanian University (GJU) organized through the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) the Spring Carnival to celebrate the new students, Alkarama Day and Mother’s Day, in the presence of the President of GJU, Prof. Alaa'eldeen Al-Halhouli, the Dean of DSA, Dr. Thelal Oweis, GJU students, faculty and administrative members.
Part of the activities connected with the course of Healthcare facilities design studio instructed by Dr. Omaimah Arja; and Arch. Dana Massarweh, teaching assistant; A group of students from the School of Architecture and Built environment (SABE) at the German Jordanian University (GJU), visited the Stem Cell Therapy Center at the University of Jordan.
Under the patronage of the European Union ambassador to Jordan her excellency Maria Hadjitheodosiou, EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN program held the closing ceremony of the second project of the programme, that is funded by the European Union through the European Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (Madad Fund), and managed by the German Jordanian... Read More
The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) celebrated the graduation of participating students in the I Participate Program, one of the Crown Prince Foundation programs, in the presence of the Vice Dean of DSA, Dr. Hani Mohsen, and the Director of the I Participate Program, Mr. Iyad Al-Rashdan.
The Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH) held a workshop entitled “Awareness Raising on Resource Efficiency in the Industrial Sector – UNIDO RECP / Test Approach” for the academic staff at GJU in collaboration with Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
The School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management (SNREM) and the Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage (CSNCH) at the German Jordanian University (GJU) organized a workshop entitled “Studying the Northeastern Badia” with the participation of the Royal Hashemite Court, the Department of Antiquities, the Hashemite University, Yarmouk... Read More
In cooperation with the German Jordanian University (GJU) through the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA), the Arab Renaissance Cultural Forum, and the Renaissance Youth Network in the Arab Renaissance Organization for Democracy and Development (ARD) conducted an interactive session on Generations Dialogue series. The gathering featured the screening of the... Read More
The German Jordanian University (GJU) participated in the first National Youth Dialogue Conference, organized by the Senate’s Youth Dialogue Initiative Committee in the Dead Sea region under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II.
The President of the German Jordanian University (GJU), Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, discussed during a meeting with Huawei Technologies delegation in Jordan ways to strengthen and develop the strategic and academic relations between the two sides.
The President of the German Jordanian University (GJU), Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, and the Vice-President, Prof. Malek Alsharairi, participated in the strategic dialogue program for heads of public and private Jordanian universities at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College (RJNDC) under the title (The Future of Jordanian Universities and... Read More