Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries: Results

International conference in the framework of the DAAD Transformation Partnership Programme

“Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries” (LOSWAC)  

  • Location: Online (Due to the corona virus the conference cannot take place in Lebanon and is now organized by GJU)
  • Date: 25 & 26 November 2020

Hence, Prof. Dr. Hannah Reich, the head of the LOSWAC project, started the conference by welcoming the experts and the audience to this third LOSWAC conference, which could sadly not be carried out as planned in Beirut, Lebanon, but had to be streamed via the GJU as an online event due to the Covid-19 crisis. Prof. Reich emphasized on the Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries and reflected briefly on the two conferences carried out before in Germany and Jordan. She highlighted the relevance of this network of experts who come together and share expertise during these conferences and concluded her introduction with the wish for everyone to have a fruitful third conference. 

Prof. Dr. Manar Fayyad, the president of GJU, emphasized on the continuation of the project and being sustainable. She highlighted the importance of Social Work  in the region especially after the Syrian crisis. She appreciates the German collaboration partners who made Social Work at the GJU more valuable and increased the number of students studying Social Work. She gave special thanks to DAAD for enabling such an exchange between the universities and countries. 

Prof. Dr. Salam Suliman, the Dean of SAHL at GJU welcomed the audience. He highlighted the importance of working virtually during covid-19 pandemic and that it is a victory for us at the GJU to hold such an online event. He appreciates the achievements of the Social Work Department, which is one of the strongest departments at GJU, by having a great team of Professors, assistants and staff.

Conference Conclusion & Lookout

[Translate to Englisch:] The last Block of this conference was a plenary meeting, in which everyone was invited to give feedback on the conference and on the project. Challenges and gaps that were found throughout the conference or the project were reflected on. Prof. Dr. Christine Huth-Hildebrand, Prof. Dr. Rania Mansour, Prof. Dr. Ayat Nashwan, and Prof. Dr. Hannah Reich, the four professors standing behind this LOSWAC project, were referring to the projects that were introduced, the theories that were shared amongst each other, the concepts that were discussed and the new ideas that were evolved during the discussion sessions. They concluded with the general hope to see each other again in a physical conference and to stay together in this LOSWAC network and upgraded, because even though the project comes to an end, the Localisation of Social Work in Arab Countries is far from being over.Also more trainings to professionalise the work in the field is always needed and documenting to field practice experience to serve the professional means and to add knowledge to the field of Social Work.

If you have any questions, comments or requests, please contact daad.nazzal[at]gju.edu.jo 

Please find the the full programme here as a PDF document.