Current technology trends including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), software engineering, computer networks, embedded systems, and automation, among others, are driving a huge demand for candidates with the proper skills. Moreover, a significant amount of the knowledge for the demanded skills fall under the umbrella of computer engineering. As a result, we at the department thrive to give our students access to knowledge to the relevant technology trends by employing a modern study plan, subscribing to world-class academies, acquiring labs encompassing recent technology hardware, and giving access to both applied and research projects. The department offers both graduate and undergraduate programs that cover a wide range of topics addressing today’s demand. The topics covered enable students to develop strong foundations enabling them to employ the acquired knowledge as professionals in the industry or researchers in academia.

The department built strong partnership networks with the industry in Jordan, Germany, and elsewhere. This is to expand on the long experience of the German model of applied science and contribute to building a premier quality industry-oriented ICT education in Jordan. In that regard, the department exposes our students to a variety of experiences in the industry such as training at least 20 weeks in the German industry during the obligatory German Year, working in local companies the first three summer semesters when enrolled in the Dual Study track, offering courses in the study plan that qualify students for industrial certification, as well as conducting local field training and graduation projects in collaboration with the industry. All of these experiences combined can result in a graduate student with an effective work experience equivalent to 2 years.

In the department, various academies and university programs are available that allow students to develop a focus in specific areas. Post completing the relevant coursework offered through some of the academies, students have the opportunity to obtain a certification in the completed course. Through some of the academies, the department also offers in between semesters training courses on a variety of interesting topics for anyone to sign up to. Through the academies and university programs, access to latest software licenses and relevant hardware is also given to students to develop the necessary skills.

On the research end, our faculty engages in a variety of research areas, including but not limited to, AI, machine learning, software engineering, enterprise systems, IoT, smart energy, and computer networks. The department also has professors that combine both academic and industrial experience. We encourage you to get to know more about our faculty by visiting our faculty directory page. We also encourage you to learn more about our faculty research labs by visiting their webpages.

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