Word of Dean Assistant for Industrial Relations 

The Dual studies program at the School of Architecture and Built Environment is in line with a practice -based higher education  which shall provide graduates with the necessary tools and skills to engage directly in the labour market. The Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture offered the DS program in 2021-2022 with partners from the industry ranging from the construction industry to engineering consulting offices, and manufacturers of fixed installations, furniture, handicraft, and kitchens. While the Department of Design and Visual Communication offered the DS program this year. There are a total of 12 partners from the industry ranging from local to regional and international companies.

The Dual Study program enables students to gain valuable practical experience, apply theoretical knowledge and develop their professional network in addition to securing a permanent job opportunity.

Ultimately GJU’s goal is to encourage all students to participate in this distinguished program that together with the international training in Germany can contribute to a successful practice-based education.  


Leen Fakhoury

Dean Assistant for Industrial Relations @ SABE


Available majors for Dual Studies in School of Architecture and Built Environment