Dear Students, It is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce and invite you to the Dual Studies at GJU. Dual Studies are an innovative educational concept that aims to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical implementation in close cooperation with industrial partners. It is well known and appreciated in Germany.

After the successful implementation of a pilot program, the German Jordanian University launched its first Dual Studies track in 2018 and intends to rollout this academic approach to most schools and study programs in the upcoming years.

By linking academic parts with a real work environment, as a participating Dual Studies Student, you will gain an enhanced learning experience and better understanding of theoretical concepts. You will be integrated into the organizational structure, work methods, projects planning, and implementation processes at the company.

In addition to the paid practical experience, you will acquire communication, interpersonal and social skills through the extended practical phases at the company. After graduating, you will have a valuable work experience reflecting your academic specialization. In other words, Dual Studies experience will add much value to your bachelor degree. As a plus, you might also have the opportunity to get a related job at the same partner company.


I welcome you to join the real applied sciences