The goal of this lab is to help the students to understand the fundamental principles of chemistry through performing simple experiments. These principles include physical separation techniques, different types of chemical reactions, Stoichiometry, volumetric analysis methods like titration, calorimetry, kinetic studies, and equilibrium.

The lab aims at teaching basic chemistry techniques and usage of different measuring devices and glassware. It also helps students to report experimental data and interpret it based on theory.


Syllabus. Laboratory safety rules, Determination of mass, Measurement and proper use of laboratory glassware, Density measurement, Basic separation techniques, Limiting reactant, Classification of chemical reactions, Determination of acetic acid in vinegar, Quantitative titration of an antacid tablet, Molecular weight of a volatile liquid, Calorimetry,  Kinetic study of reaction of peroxydisulfate and iodide ions, Equilibrium.

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