Dear all who show interest in the maintenance department at GJU,

Greetings from the Maintenance Department at the German Jordanian University! Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and take interest in the department. As the department director, I am honored to introduce to you the vital role we play in ensuring a comfortable, effective, and safe environment for GJU campus employees, students, and visitors.

At the Maintenance Department, we understand the importance of our role in maintaining the university's buildings and facilities to the highest standards. To achieve this, we make use of the latest technology and systems to manage our operations and invest in the professional development of our employees. Our aim is to provide quick, cost-efficient, and high-quality sustainability services that address issues that may arise in the university's infrastructure, while always prioritizing the safety of everyone on campus.

We are committed to continuously improving our operations and sustainability management system to better serve the needs of the university, maintain a safe and suitable work environment, and ultimately contribute to realizing the vision of the German Jordanian University. Through our efforts, we aim to achieve high levels of satisfaction among our employees and students.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

Maintenance Department director

Dr. Omar M. Shubailat