Electromechanical Section

All electrical and mechanical systems (BMS, Chillers, Boilers, MDB, MCC, VFD, Pumps, etc.) are operated, controlled, and monitored by highly efficient employees. And all maintenance plans, such as correction, corrective action, and preventative action, are applied to keep all equipment and systems in good condition.



Work and Maintenance Public Section

This section manages all civil works on the university campus, which includes many works in terms of infrastructure, painting, and maintenance of doors, windows, tables, chairs, etc. The section staff efficiently prepares and executes all maintenance programs.



Water and Environment Section

The Water and Environment Section continuously monitors and tests the quality of drinking water and treated wastewater at the sewage recycling station, and the treated water is distributed throughout the irrigation system to irrigate trees and plants. There is follow-up and maintenance of all rainwater drains located in infrastructure and above buildings in order to collect rainwater in large tanks used for irrigation work as well, and many maintenance programs are used to continue the work of the existing systems.