Prof. Dr. Gordon Mitchell participates in an international conference organized by the Turkish Association of Curriculum and Instruction.

In his keynote address Professor Gordon Mitchell of SAHL covered the topic Curriculum Development for a Humane and Sustainable Future. He argued that education has a vital role to play in

Transnational Higher Education 2021


Storytelling in Times of Crisis and Change

An empty campus in the middle of the semester, limited contact all over the world, general cluelessness, travel restrictions at home and abroad. How can you study in the midst of a pandemic and its consequences? How do students in Germany and Jordan feel? What are their

Transnational Higher Education

Transnational Higher Education ongoing improvement of its learning and teaching is a necessity for the modern university to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Film Seminar

Kooperatives Filmseminar - MA DaF and BA Design Studierende der GJU drehen gemeinsame Filme zum Thema Heimat

Im 2. Semester 2015/16 arbeiteten MA DaF des ersten Studienjahres im Rahmen ihres Seminars Kulturstudien II mit Studierenden des BA Design Kurses Realization of T.V. Production an einem gemeinsamen Projekt.

LIQA e.V. Workshops mit MA DaF und BA Studierenden der School of Applied Humanities and Languages
Im Oktober 2016 besuchte das Projekt LIQA e.V. mit acht Studierenden aus Deutschland die School of Applied Humanities and Languages, an der sie zwei Workshops durchführten zu dem Thema:
Erste Projektreise nach Jordanien
8.-21.Oktober 2016
GJU Translation Students Volunteer in a medical Mission with IMANA

Translation students from the School of Applied Humanities and Languages of GJU participated in a medical mission organized by IMR-IMANA (Islamic Medical Association of North America Medical Relief) in cooperation with Jordanian-Syrian refugee Associations in February 2017. The mission aims to provide needy families and refugees with necessary

Grenzenloser Austausch

Dieses Projekt ist ein kooperatives DaF-Projekt zwischen den Deutschabteilungen der German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) und der Deutsch-Jordanischen Universität (GJU) und wurde im Studienjahr 2016-17 vorgestellt. Bei den teilnehmenden Deutschlernenden der GUtech handelt es sich fachübergreifend um BA-Studierende aller Fakultäten

ARABTERM project

Having difficulties understanding German or English terminology? Sick of not finding adequate terms in Arabic? Visit to see how it can benefit you.

ARABTERM is a technical online dictionary in four