Call for Applications
Deadline: November 30th, 2017

See below for more information.

What is the Flying Faculty?

The FF program was established to enhance the exchange of expertise between GJU and its German partner universities. The program supports lecturers and professors especially from the partner universities to teach specific courses at GJU that add value and expertise to the regular curriculum offered by the Faculties. Starting with this call, we expand the FF program to include potential lecturers from industrial partners, in order to enhance the relevance of the applied science teaching, and to further the cooperation between faculties and industry partners.

For a Flying Faculty application to be eligible for funding, the invited lecturer should teach a minimum of 20 hours.

Invitations have to be expressed by the Schools, and a request sent to the International Office, which will seek approval from the Project Office in Magdeburg.

The total number of FF that can be supported will depend on budget availability a fair distribution of FF among Schools is attempted. 


The program offers

The Project Office at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal covers:

  • A honorarium payment of 29 Euro per lesson (45min)
  • Travel costs including round-trip airline ticket (economy class), train ticket to and from the airport, visa cost in Jordan of 40 JOD as well as taxi costs from and to Amman airport of up to 30 JOD for each way (with a valid receipt).

GJU covers: 

  •  Per diem of 80 JOD for the days (only), the lecturer/professor is teaching at GJU. The per diem is not paid for travel days. Weekend days are covered if they are followed by a workday. The per diem is intended to cover the costs for accommodation, living expenses, and commuting costs to and from campus in Jordan. The amount will be transferred to the visitors' account after her/his stay (Subject to 7% tax and transfer fee).


The application process

  1. The call for applications is issued by the IO; each department can apply for up to 2 FF candidates. Once the applications are approved by the Vice President and by the Project Office, the School will be informed. The School then needs to get official written approval from the President to invite the FF under the above cost sharing conditions. Once the President approves then the schools can officially invite the FF candidate.


Contact and Further Information 

For further inquiries and to send your application documents, please contact to 

Jacqueline Rogler, Deputy Director

Building B, Office 117


Phone: 06 429 4896


Mr. Rakan AlDweiri, Incomings Coordinatior

Building B, Office 115


Phone: 06 429 4894